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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Android Tablet Deal 2017 – Galaxy Tab S3!

Need a tablet that has an S-Pen like the Galaxy Note 8 yet has much bigger 9.7-inch drawing surface?  I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 a few months back and this is definitely one of the best tablets on the market for drawing or anything else such as reading e-books.  During this Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017, you can pick this up for $120 off regular price on Amazon along with free One-Day shipping for Prime members.  If you watch a lot of Netflix or Hulu or any other online movies, the Tab S3 gives you one of the best resolutions for watching your favorite movies.  In my experience the Tab S3 has better resolution than even 60-inch 4K TVs so definitely check it out.

Black Friday Android Amazon Deals 2016! 0

Black Friday Android Amazon Deals 2016!

For those of you looking for the best deals on Android for this Black Friday 2016, you may want to be on the lookout for Amazon’s hottest deals as they usually have some of the hottest deals every year.  Last year we saw many Android smartphones for much less than retail prices especially the Nexus 6.  This year, there should be plenty of Nexus 6P smartphones on sale near $199.99 to $299.99 range.  The best way to keep updated is by subscribing to our e-mail list as we will alert you as soon as these deals are available.

Black Friday Android Deals 2016! 0

Black Friday Android Deals 2016!

Black Friday is just around the corner folks.  For year 2016, this may be the biggest Black Friday we have seen so far for many Android smartphones, tablets, accessories, cases, and much much more.

Last year we saw helluva deal on Nexus 6 smartphone as you could grab one for just $199.99.  The author of this site has personally picked up 2 Nexus 6 phones for under $400.  That is TWO phones for less than price of a brand new Nexus 6.