Category: Black Friday Android Deals 2017


Google Home Mini 60% OFF during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017!

Google does not give big discounts on their products during Black Friday/Cyber Monday but this year, Google is giving you a whopping 60% OFF(Only $29 + $10 gift card for total savings of $30) on their latest Google Home Mini that just came out.  If you don’t have a Google Home or Google Home Mini, I highly recommend this product as I use it all the time to control my lights in my studio via voice, control my Nest thermometer w/ voice, and helps me get smarter whenever I have a question.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 Android Deal – LG V20 for $319.99!

If you want to get a great deal on last year’s LG V20, we recommend you grab the fully-unlocked LG V20 on Amazon, which is retailing for $319.99(as of Nov. 21st 2017).  Now, I would keep a close watch on this listing as price may drop even more during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.  LG V20 is definitely one of the best big smartphones to come out in 2016.  Although you don’t have the latest processor you get plenty of power plus an extra wide-angle camera for both back and front which makes it one of the most unique phones you can buy.     Personally, I still use LG V20 often for my daily livestreams as I love the front wide-angle camera, something that is missing with most other smartphones.  This phone is fully-unlocked and also can be used on Verizon network.(Yes, it supports CDMA)


LG V30 Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017 Deal! $400 Cashback!

For those of you who want a great deal on LG V30 or V30+, LG now offers you $400 cashback when you buy V30/V30+ and another LG product.  E.g. Buy LG V30 and LG laptop and get $400 cashback.

Take a close look at the conditions:

Rebate applicable to any LG home electronics, home appliance or mobile product, excluding LG Signature series. LG products with a purchase price of less than $400 will receive a prepaid Visa® card in the amount of the purchase price as indicated on the sales receipt. LG V30 or V30+ must be purchased between 11/16/17 and 12/2/17. Any free or discounted device obtained through a BOGO, a buy one get one half off or lease one get one free is not an eligible qualifying second LG product.