Black Friday Android Amazon Deals 2016!

For those of you looking for the best deals on Android for this Black Friday 2016, you may want to be on the lookout for Amazon’s hottest deals as they usually have some of the hottest deals every year.  Last year we saw many Android smartphones for much less than retail prices especially the Nexus 6.  This year, there should be plenty of Nexus 6P smartphones on sale near $199.99 to $299.99 range.  The best way to keep updated is by subscribing to our e-mail list as we will alert you as soon as these deals are available.

Of course, that’s not all, there should be plenty of cases you can pick up for near a dollar along with accessories that may get 30-50% off during Black Friday.  If you have been waiting to get a nice bluetooth speaker or headphones, Black Friday is the best time to pick up your Android-related accessories.

Also, Amazon will probably have a sale on all their line of Amazon tablets, phones, and their Echo home automation units.  Also be on the look out for Android Wear watches for this Black Friday as it will be the biggest year yet.  We predict Huawei Watch will go on super-sale as this is the last big sale before the next line of their smartwatches are introduced later this year.

Overall, there are going to be plenty of great Android deals for 2016 so stay tuned as we will update our site regularly.

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