Google Home Mini 60% OFF during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2017!

Google does not give big discounts on their products during Black Friday/Cyber Monday but this year, Google is giving you a whopping 60% OFF(Only $29 + $10 gift card for total savings of $30) on their latest Google Home Mini that just came out.  If you don’t have a Google Home or Google Home Mini, I highly recommend this product as I use it all the time to control my lights in my studio via voice, control my Nest thermometer w/ voice, and helps me get smarter whenever I have a question.

See how I used Google Home to automate my house here:

Google Home Mini offer is available straight from Google Store (w/ $10 coupon) or I recommend B&H(w/ $10 B&H coupon) for those of you in the east coast.

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