T-Mobile Black Friday Magenta Deal! – 2 Free Lines!


Wow, T-Mobile has just announced an unbelievable deal called T-Mobile Magenta Deals for Black Friday 2016!

They are offering 2 FREE lines (usually extra $30/month) for both new and existing customers.  Now, you will have to get 2 extra lines and have to pay for 2 phones but your monthly free for those 2 lines are FREE.  Now, this DOES require you to get 4 lines total.

So, if you already have 2 lines on T-Mobile and you have 2 kids that are not on T-Mobile, you can essentially add them to your plan for no additional charge per month!  This also gives you full unlimited 4G LTE data, voice, and SMS, which is an excellent deal for those of you a big family.

For unlimited 4G LTE data, it is unlimited but if you go over 24GB/month as a family, T-Mobile will throttle you.  Of course, that shouldn’t be a huge problem for many as 24GB/month is a LOT of data to consume.  On a side note, I would not run your home internet off your mobile data, especially if your kids consume a lot of media or download stuff online.

However, if your kids do consume a lot of media such as YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu videos, you can take advantage of T-Mobile’s Binge On feature which will throttle you to 480P HD videos but won’t count against  your monthly bandwidth.  So unlimited 4G LTE could work out for you.

Here’s some additional T-Mobile Black Friday 2016 deals:

  • For that Person Suffering from #PhoneShame
    • Upgrade them to a FREE Samsung Galaxy S7 after 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 or other device.
  • For the Techie that Needs the Latest in VR
    • Get a FREE Gear VR and $50 Oculus app store gift card when you get a Samsung Galaxy S7 (including the free one above) or Galaxy S7 edge.
  • For the Parents Who Need a Moment’s Peace
    • Get a FREE Samsung Tab E or LG Gpad X after 24 monthly bill credits with a T-Mobile ONE tablet plan. You pay only the sales tax!
  • For the Audiophile / Headbanger
    • Get $70 off the UE BOOM 2 wireless speaker (now just $129.99)
    • Get $30 off the LG Tone Pro 760 Bluetooth headset (now just $39.99)
  • For Any & Everyone
    • Get $50 (>80%!) off the mophie Powerstation Mini (now just $9.99)

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