Galaxy S7 Edge Deals to Look for this Black Friday 2016!


For those of you looking for the best Galaxy S7 Edge deal during this Black Friday 2016, you may want to read up on the following.

First, if you are on a GSM network like T-Mobile or AT&T, you may want to grab the unlocked, unbranded international version of Galaxy S7 Edge.


The international Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F or SM-G935FD (identical to G935F but with dual sim) offer full 4G LTE compatibility for AT&T or T-Mobile and you can also use it for any prepaid international SIM cards when going overseas.   Prices on the international models are also cheaper and you can already get them for around $599 as of now.  This price is already lower or matches many of the prices offered by retailers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon.  For T-Mobile, you won’t get WiFi calling as it is an international model but you may be able to sideload it by installing a T-Mobile custom ROM with root.

When Black Friday rolls around, we suspect the prices of international models to drop further to something around $399-$499 range, which would be steal for the best Android smartphone of the year.  Galaxy S7 Edge gives you a ton of features over other flagships like IP68 water-resistant rating, wireless charging, Quick Charging, heart rate monitor, floating multi-windows, Edge Screen Panels, excellent photo/4K video camera(one of the best), longest battery life of all 2016 flagship Android phones, beautiful glass/metal design, micro-SD card slot for expansion, and more.

If there is one phone you want to get on a deal during Black Friday 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is definitely one of the best ways to go along with Nexus 6P.  So if you want to get the best deal, our suggestion is to look on eBay and Amazon may also have some deals.  Stay tuned as we will have updates on Galaxy S7 Edge deals for Black Friday 2016.

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