Black Friday Android Deals at Amazon Countdown 2016!


Amazon is having a HUGE pre-Black Friday deals week for all kinds of stuff and this will keep going until Black Friday where you may be able to find some great deals on Android and Android accessories.

We’ve seen these deals in the past and a lot of the good deals don’t last too long. ┬áThe best way to keep ahead is checking this link (save as bookmark) once or twice a day for Android deals that you may want to get.

Last year, I was able to pick up a few 256GB microSD cards for just $20 so there may be very good deals for Android users this week and thru Black Friday weekend.

Also note that the deals get better as we near Black Friday so if you don’t see the deal you like, simply wait around a bit and keep checkin’ that link to see if there’s something you want.

We should have more updates but for right now, Amazon Black Friday Deals Week is already here with the Countdown Event, so check it out here!

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