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Black Friday Android Deals for Best Buy 2016! 0

Black Friday Android Deals for Best Buy 2016!

Best Buy is probably one of the biggest retailers to hold the biggest Black Friday Android deals every year and 2016 will be no different.  If you already shop at Best Buy for your gadgets, you will definitely not want to miss out on both online and retail Black Friday deals.

Every year, I visit Best Buy during Black Friday and find some great deals for Android, specifically accessories in-store.  Most of the best deals for Android smartphones are found online and we highly recommend you to order online when the clock hits midnight on Black Friday as the best doorbuster deals sell out rather quickly.  Shop online and you will also be able to avoid the congested line at the store.

Black Friday Android Amazon Deals 2016! 0

Black Friday Android Amazon Deals 2016!

For those of you looking for the best deals on Android for this Black Friday 2016, you may want to be on the lookout for Amazon’s hottest deals as they usually have some of the hottest deals every year.  Last year we saw many Android smartphones for much less than retail prices especially the Nexus 6.  This year, there should be plenty of Nexus 6P smartphones on sale near $199.99 to $299.99 range.  The best way to keep updated is by subscribing to our e-mail list as we will alert you as soon as these deals are available.

Black Friday Android Deals 2016! 0

Black Friday Android Deals 2016!

Black Friday is just around the corner folks.  For year 2016, this may be the biggest Black Friday we have seen so far for many Android smartphones, tablets, accessories, cases, and much much more.

Last year we saw helluva deal on Nexus 6 smartphone as you could grab one for just $199.99.  The author of this site has personally picked up 2 Nexus 6 phones for under $400.  That is TWO phones for less than price of a brand new Nexus 6.